Kanye West had a lot of people puzzled about the attire he chose to wear to 2 Chainz wedding. He might have stolen some of the attention from the newlyweds by sporting his very own Yeezy slides. What was peculiar about them was their size: the rapper sported the sandals that seemed to be a couple of sizes too small. After being trolled for the fashion faux-pas, Kanye finally comes through with an educational response.

According to Yeezy himself, the size he chose to wear to the formal event were Japanese-approved. He tweeted a photo of an illustration meant to demonstrate how sandals should be worn. He captions it, "The Japanese Way."

The response comes fashionably late as he comments on his infamous look 2 weeks after he caused the fuss. Ye demonstrates once again that he does what he wants when he wants. Nothing can make him diverge from his own. Gotta respect that flow and resolve even though the attitude can cause some trouble. For instance, when people side-eyed him for picking Kim Kardashian as a mate, he simply kept it moving. Together they've created a partnership that is now approved by the president himself. Then again, that might not mean much to some. Either way, yay for Kanye.