In recent years, Kanye West has gained a bit of a reputation for working on his albums until the very last minute before it drops. Remember the Life of Pablo rollout, where Kanye said he was going to "fix Wolves" after the album had already been released? It was no different for his recent album, Ye, either. Kim Kardashian said that he took the album cover on the way to the listening party, and he admitted that he remade his entire album in the month after his TMZ visit. 

070 Shake, the recent G.O.O.D. Music signed artist who made a standout appearance on "Ghost Town," is fully aware of Kanye's last minute decisions, as she was only a few hours away from almost being left off the album. In an interview with Pigeons & Planes, she describes how the song came to be.

"I did the recording in Wyoming. We finished that song the same day it came out," said 070 Shake.

"I had done a reference for it, and then I guess he forgot about it. We put that reference on another song, then Kanye did his own reference for that 'free' concept," she continued. "At the end we were talking and asking, 'Is this the one right here?' And I kind of mentioned 'Ghost Town,' and said maybe we could use something from that. He listened to the reference again, and said 'Oh yeah, this is the one.' So 'Ghost Town' almost didn’t make it."

Thanks to her, the song made it on the album, and the world became introduced to 070 Shake.