Kanye West has been doing the absolute most over the past week when it comes to the rollout for his brand new album, Jesus Is KingThere seems to be no release date in sight and fans are getting increasingly impatient over just how much running around they've had to do in regards to the album. With that being said, Kanye has had no issues when it comes to releasing his popular AdidasYeezy shoes on time. He has been dropping a whole bunch of teasers for new models, including this eclectic-looking Foam Runner model.

The Foam Runner was immediately roasted on social media when the first few images came out. Fans thought the shoe looked like a pair of crocs and it didn't go over well with all of the OG sneakerheads out there. Regardless, the shoe still has a ton of intrigue surrounding it and this past weekend, Ye rocked the sneaker while doing his Jesus Is King promo run.

Just like the original photos that were released a couple of weeks ago, the shoe has an interesting shape to it and there are holes throughout the upper and midsole. It's a truly unique shoe that will require a bit of getting used to leading up to the release date.

Stay tuned for updates regarding this model as we will be sure to bring them to you.