According to sources close to TMZ, Kanye West has left California and returned to the Cowboy State to continue piecing together his projects. He flew out of Los Angeles on Wednesday for the remote location he rented in Wyoming. The much maligned rapper has spent a lot of time in isolation in the past few months, only to resurface in April flaring his nostrils.

According to reports, Kanye's abrupt departure was in part sparked by his fallout at TMZ live. The now infamous interview produced a few jaw-dropping quotables which left the hosts at a loss for words. Afterwards, a TMZ staffer approached Kanye with resignation, telling his once "hero" was "unbelievably hurt by the fact that you (he'd) morphed into something that’s not real."

The premise of his staycation in Wyoming is much the same as in previous months. Kanye West will fly in/receive frequent visitors until the patchwork is complete. Pusha T's album is due on May 25th, 4 other albums will follow. Hopefully Kanye's visit will include a state of rest, and less media consumption. All fingers points to him needing a handle for his addictive personality. It is absolutely necessary to find a healthy balance between productivity and regenerative health.