In a group of new posts, it appears that Kanye West has touched bases with Damon Dash once again and we've been gifted with some clips of freestyles to anoint the occasion.

After a series of Sunday Services, it looks like Kanye took a break to find inspiration elsewhere and in the videos captured, Kanye flexed over a handful of beats he created, going off the top with Dame by his side inside of the famed executive's studios in Los Angeles.

These new clips arrive in the midst of news that Kanye's forthcoming Yandhi is actually on hold due to contractual issues with Roc-A-Fella Records and EMI. According to reports, 'Ye has filed a suit against both entities, alleging that they are "exploiting" his talents, wanting to be free from his contractual obligations before releasing his ninth studio album.

"Even if the contracts were not unfair (they are), even if their terms valued Mr. West’s contributions in line with the breathtaking success he has achieved for these companies (they do not) and even if the companies had not unpaid Mr. West what they owe him (they have), he would be entitled to be set free from its bonds," reads a protion of the document.

The document goes on to assert that Kanye is still owed a "substantial amount" of royalties without specifically denoting a vlue.