Kanye West's love for Donald Trump has been well-documented for the past two years ever since his breakdown during the "Saint Pablo" tour. Earlier today, the rapper paid a visit to the White House for a meeting with the president where things got a little bit weird. The rapper went on a lengthy rant professing his love for Trump, among other things. As he left the meeting, the rapper decided to give Trump a little gift.

Kanye West not only gifted President Trump with a pair of Yeezy's in a size 12, but he also gave him a custom "Make America Great" hat, leaving out the "Again" in Trump's campaign slogan, TMZ reports. The reason 'Ye decided to ditch the "again" is an acknowledgment to the fact that America still needs to put in some work. It might also be a way for Kanye to dismiss accusations that Obama screwed up America. Kanye said that he ended up talking to Trump about prison reform and manufacturing, among other issues. 'Ye also showed Trump his idea for the new Air Force One.

Kanye also said that he told Trump he was going to create a factory in Chicago called Larry's - a homage to Gangster Disciples leader, Larry Hoover - where he'll hire ex-inmates to make his "Make America Great" hat as well as other items. 

Kanye disclosed to TMZ that he only brought one "Make America Great" hat for Trump but pledged that he'd start wearing one instead of his infamous "MAGA" hat. Kanye also gifted Ivanka Trump a "Make Earth Great Again" hat and Jared Kushner a "Travel Space Again."