Kanye West may be busy building sustainable home prototypes, hanging with Justin Bieber in Japanpitching movies to Danny McBride and sorting out his plans to start a church but it doesn't mean he's lost time to make the birthday's of those close to him a special one. Ye's manager John Monopoly celebrated his birthday earlier this week and his loyal client came through to drop off his birthday gift that came in the form of a brand new 2019 Lamborghini SUV.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Sources say the all black-matte vehicle was meant to be kept a surprise a while longer but apparently it's harder to keep such a stunning car under wraps. "Happy BDAY to me !!!! Words cannot express my gratitude .... I’m at a complete loss," John captioned the image. 

John is credited for discovering Kanye in Chicago back in the day. While the partners parted ways after Kanye's first three albums, they came back together last year.

"I mean that’s my brother, you know. You know, we’ve done some stuff together, I’d rather not say really what’s going on as far as our business or whatever we’re doing. It’s just I think we were apart for a while, and now I think we’re kind of moving in the direction to be back in the original," John stated back in 2013 when he was no longer Ye's manager. "I mean, I don’t know. I mean that’s just my brother, and we were apart for a while, and we’re not really apart like that no more. I’ll just say it like that"