Hours after touching down in the Oval Office, Kanye West turned his attention to the Washington, D.C Apple Store, where he continued his sermon from atop a long rectangular table. Inevitable, Kanye didn't just show up to get his iPhone XS serviced. Without much warning, Kanye jumped on the table and proceeded to give his audience a "keynote" speech recapping his encounter Donald in the Oval Office.

According to a reporter for RNS named Jack Jenkins, Kanye told the Apple crowd that something magical occurred off-camera during his White House visit. Apparently, Kanye made an altered version of the MAGA hat without the unneeded adverb: "Make America Great." Kanye says he presented Donald Trump with the altered "MAG" hat, and he even wore it atop his fledgling haircut long enough for flash photography to document the historic accord. Kanye even showed anyone that would pander to his ego, the photo evidence contained in his iPhone XS. How's that for a rabble-rouser in the flesh?

According to TMZ, Kanye West offered Donald Trump a pair of Yeezy 12s as a parting gift, as well as modified MAGA hats for daughter Ivanka and her spouse Jared Kushner. Their hats read "Make Earth Great Again" and "Travel Space Again." 

There's also this response to Kanye West's unwanted inquisition. Lewd and crude, you know the motto.