Kanye West has been on a love and positivity tip as of lately which has resulted in a major shift on his behavior towards others. While he may be saying some outlandish shit, his intentions, for the most part, seem to come from a good place. The rapper was once someone who had a lot of tension with the paparazzi and the media which has been well-documented in the past. However, even that has changed. The rapper was recently spotted by a TMZ cameraman and took some time out of his day to have a heart-to-heart with the man.

'Ye seems to be in a much better space mentally and it seems to be directly caused by fatherhood. Yeezy was stopped by a paparazzi while apparently on the phone Kim Kardashian and opted to call her back later to have a heartfelt moment with the paparazzo. The rapper was asked about the gang threats sent to him by Daz Dillinger and other crip members which 'Ye turned into a conversation about fatherhood. He asked the pap about fatherhood and whether he feels a way about people constantly shitting on the profession. Kanye then explained that becoming a father has shifted his perspective on fathers.

"When I first came out to L.A., I had no family. So having a family gave me a whole new respect for dads, bro." Kanye told the cameraman. "'Cause you out here feeding your family. You don't feel like being in Calabasas, shootin' somebody and askin' questions like that and stuff. But you know, you actually have a very important role, you know? And I feel like your role is not respected and everybody's role in society is important."

The pap then said that he feels people don't respect Kanye and judge him on some of the things that he says. The conversation ended with Kanye asking the pap to post the video and gave him a hug towards the end of it.

Peep the video below.