Kanye West will always be one of the biggest artists to ever come out of Chicago. Despite the criticism he's received this year for his contributions (or lack of) to the Donda's House organization, he has major plans to help out his hometown. Currently planning to run for President of the United States in 2024, Ye is starting out by planning things in Chi-Town, his beloved city. Sometimes, Kanye's tweets can be annoying as he likes to share things in quick succession, running through ten posts in a matter of seconds. Last night, Ye had a burst of inspiration and decided to broadcast his thoughts to the world, sharing his long-term goals for the city of Chicago.

He began with a personal business expansion, noting that he was building a Yeezy office in the Illinois city. With offices around the world, this is just the latest move for his brand, which is doing numbers as of late. He then announced that he was going to teach a course at two different art institutions, saying, "I will teach a course at the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art." Then, Pablo said he wants to restore the Regal Theater, an important musical venue on the south side, where he will possibly put on Chicago Comedy Jam. 

Despite his intentions to teach a few classes, both schools are denying that there is anything in the works with Mr. West according to The Blast. Ye also blurred the truth when he said his wife was in law school earlier. With these two instances in mind, can we take his word seriously? Check out the tweets below.