It's official: Kanye West is back in the studio. While we've come to expect a 2019 release for his upcoming Yandhi album, it seems as if Ye remains hard at work in shaping the project, likely indicating a less-rushed approach than he's been serving of late. Kim Kardashian West took a moment to document the process with a wholesome family picture, which finds Kanye playing daddy duties from the comfort of his studio chair.

John Lamparski/Getty Images

Judging from the microphone placed in front of him, it's likely that Ye was about to spit some (hopefully wholesome) bars; though "fake asses" have become a favored subject, remember, the man who made "Family Business" still lies within. One has to hope that Kanye wasn't in the middle of recording a spiritual successor to "I'm In It." It's every father's worst fear, having to answer the dreaded question: "what does EATIN ASS mean?"

Either way, Ye's fatherhood game looks to be on point, ringing in Saint's birthday with the classic bring "your kid to work" day formula. They may catch a lot of criticism, but you've gotta hand it to Kanye and Kim; they've managed to forge a pretty impressive union, given the level of their respective fame. As we all know, celebrity marriages can crumble beneath the weight of expectation. Now, years later, the Kardashian-West family is still thriving.