Kanye West's twitter account was firing on all cylinders once again this morning - this time he opened up about his plans for the Yeezy brand.

In speaking about his footwear line, Kanye tweeted that he's "currently the single highest paid person in footwear," and that includes Michael Jordan. According to a Forbes article in June of 2017, MJ rakes in approximately $110 million annually from the sale of his Air Jordan sneakers, which was more than triple that of LeBron James, who was the next highest paid athlete.

Kanye's Yeezy footwear line is undoubtedly popular, but to claim he's making more money on shoes than Jordan is a real stretch and patently false.

Additionally, Kanye noted that Yeezy will "hit a billion dollars this year" which means we might be seeing a ton more Yeezy sneaker releases in order to achieve that goal. 'Ye also boasted about how the Yeezy Boost 350 sells 400,000 pairs in four hours, how the Yeezy 500 sold 250,000 in one hour on Coachella weekend, and how Nike would've never let Yeezy be Yeezy.

It was an eventful morning for the Kanye West twitter account. Check out some of his Yeezy-related tweets below.