The lovefest between Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland and Kanye West is only deepening with time. With the knowledge that Kanye was an avid fan of the series, Roiland crafted Kanye his own Rick and Morty-inspired birthday song, which he proudly shared with the public. We later learned how the arrangement had been made. An attentive Kim Kardashian with all her industry contacts spread out on a table, made a call action, eliciting Roiland's services for the greeting. From there a real correspondence was born. Kanye's zeal enmeshed well with Roiland's idiosyncratic personality right from the onset -- the two "creators" have been in contact ever since.

Although Kanye West got Halloween out of his system early by enacting square-shaped Goombas in the "I Love It," the Autumn holiday was still fresh on his mind. In the spirit of the moment, Kanye West sketched out his next costume idea, in lieu of wearing it out in public, the referential point being, again, his fascination with Rick and Morty, the "Pickle Rick" episode in particular.

"Pickle Rick," the third episode of the third season, begins with Rick turning himself into a Dill Pickle in order to avoid going to therapy with the rest of the family. Things get out of hand the moment the pickle-version of Rick gets lodged in a sewer line where a mini-scale ecosystem exists. Check out "Pickle Ye" below.