Kanye West first saw his star rise in the hip-hop community as a producer. Long before his much-admired rap debut on College Dropout, the Chicago native had gained a massive following within the industry as a producer, popularizing the "chipmunk soul" sound that can be found on legendary albums such as Jay-Z's The Blueprint. However, outside of his own solo albums, most fans have ceased identifying Kanye as a man with enormous chops behind the board as well as in front of the mic. However, according to Cyhi The Prynce, Yeezy's about to showcase those abilities in a big way.

During a recent interview with Brandon "Killabh" Hall and Erin Ashley Simon on The Grass Routes Podcast, Cyhi revealed that Kanye West is handling the production duties on forthcoming albums from a host of big names that fall under the G.O.O.D. Music umbrella. "I got a project I'm doing with Ye that's all produced by him. He's doing it for every artist on the label," the rapper said. "Sean's got one that will be executive produced by him. Pusha's next album is strictly produced by him. Teyana's [album] [...] Kid Cudi's, strictly. He does, like, ten beats a day [...] we working on Ye album now, we working on my next one, and that's about it." 

Whether it's big names like Big Sean and Kid Cudi or personalities who may not be as well-known, it's clear that Kanye is spreading the love around for all of his G.O.O.D. Music cohorts and trying to enhance the sound of everyone signed to the label. While the Pusha project was a known commodity, it's exciting to hear someone confirm the rumor that Kid Cudi and Ye are making some more music together.

For his part, Cyhi The Prynce has been doing a heavy promotional blitz ahead of his proper debut, Dope on Sundays, which officially drops tomorrow (November 17th). In addition to that, the rapper told Hall and Simon that he's got several albums on the way for his fans over the next 18 months, which is a pace we haven't really seen him operate at before. Whether it's the Kanye project or another one entirely, Cyhi has definitely got some fire brewing with his new material.