Kanye West has caught flack over the past few years from many Chicago natives. Despite the fact that he named his youngest daughter after his hometown, many felt that he abandoned it, especially after the Rhymefest/Donda House feud. Earlier today, he made his way to WGCI radio station in Chicago for an in-depth interview where he touched on pretty much everything. However, the real reason he's in Chicago is because he's working on Chance The Rapper's album.

After Kanye West's five album roll out earlier this summer, he's now getting ready to lock in time with Chance The Rapper. The talk surrounding this project has been floating around since June and Chance confirmed this would be coming into fruition shortly after. While it doesn't seem like they're currently working on their joint project, Kanye will be doing some on Chance The Rapper's album.

"I came out here with Chance to work on his album, and I’ve just been hanging out with my friends,” Kanye West said to Fox 32 News.

Although many have questioned what Kanye has done for the City of Chicago, the rapper revealed that he not only has music to be made but feels like there's something he could do to help.

"It’s a super inspiring place that made me who I am, and I believe there’s some work that I can contribute to,” he said.

It feels like after the chaotic few years for Kanye West, maybe going back to his stomping ground might do him some good.