Of all the inspiring acts that come to mind, Kanye West is currently stuck on Dua Lipa. According to English publication The Sun, the G.O.O.D. Music mogul is putting out the necessary feelers to lure Dua Lipa aboard his creative vessel. More precisely, a so-called insider who spoke with The Sun played the messenger. Their belief is that Kanye is most impressed with her vocal range, after witnessing it up close, during an unaired Sunday Service taping.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

With Dua Lipa so kindly lending her voice to the session, Kanye's impression of the singer took an immediate U-Turn, rendering him completely defenseless to her vocal inflections -  enough to clear up space on the mythical Yandhi project - according to the so-called insider whose name will likely remain anonymous.

“She's already teamed up with Calvin Harris and he saw how well that song did commercially," the insider told The Sun, in reference to the added bonus of Dua's box office appeal. It's worth noting, Dua Lipa is a massive Yeezy fan, as evidenced by remarks she made in the past, regarding his feud with Taylor Swift. She essentially picked his music over hers, when given the "Would You Rather?" proposition on a desert island. Let us know what you think, does Dua Lipa have the chops required of a Kanye West project of this grandeur?