Kanye West has made it clear that he intends to wield his right to free speech as he is known to have done in the past. His latest claims have had some people question his moral and ethical compass. Even Ye's sanity has been called into question.

His latest spiel isn't quite as controversial in its content as it is surprising in its performance. Kanye West visited an art school and gave a speech from atop a desk. Parts of his litany were recorded at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies and shared online.

At the beginning of one of these clips, Kanye is speaking about the repercussions of chopping down trees. He speaks with passion, explaining how "that's oxygen," and therefore, "I need to innovate." From this point, the concept of innovation seemed to have conjured another controversial figure to Kanye's mind: Elon Musk.

The rapper goes on to defend the billionaire as he gesticulates for emphasis.

"I don't care who's at his house. Leave that man the f*ck alone."

He repeats the second sentence, pressing each word in between weighted pauses.

Now, these types of displays might occur more often than not since the artist has made the conscious decision to ride his manic waves without medication for the purpose of staying true to himself and his art in anticipation of his next project.