Despite reports that Kanye West and Kim Kardashianwould wed in secrecy a few weeks ago, it now appears that the couple will get married a week from tomorrow in Florence, Italy. A spokeswoman at the Florence mayor's office told the Associated Press today that West and Kardashian have rented out Belvedere Fort, a 16th-century estate, for a wedding and reception to be held May 24th.

According to the spokeswoman, the couple paid 300,000 euros ($410,000) for the one-day rental and have hired a Protestant minister to preside over the ceremony. Neither West or Kardashian have confirmed these reports, but West gave some hints in an interview with Florence's La Nazione newspaper last Friday.

When asked about May 24th, West said he was, "Very excited. But very happy." He said that both he and Kim have a profound love for Florence and visited the city incognito on their "first honeymoon." West even said that he thinks his daughter, North, was conceived "among the Renaissance masterpieces" on that trip. "It's one of the most beautiful cities of the world," he said of Florence, "for me the most beautiful in Europe."

All proceeds from West and Kardashian's rental of Belvedere Fort will fund restoration of Florence's many artistic treasures.