Although news regarding Kanye West and his campaign for President of the United States hasn't been favorable, the rap mogul trudges forward. Americans were surprised to hear the news that Kanye West was serious about his bid for the 2020 Election, and he made sure people recognized earnestness by registering as a member of the Birthday Party. He added his vice presidential candidate, Michelle Tidball, to his ticket, and since that time, Ye has been battling with states over his inclusion on the November ballots.

Kanye West, 2020 Election, Loan, Campaign
Steve Mack / Stringer / Getty Images

According to the rapper's campaign finance report that was turned over to the  Federal Election Commission, Kanye West has loaned his presidential campaign $6.7 million. West launched his campaign in July and since that time, $5.8 million has already been spent. The monies have gone to "consultants and fees," according to The Hollywood Reporter, and a company named "Fortified Consulting" of Tempe, Arizona holds $1.2 million of the campaign's debt.

Aside from Kanye's loan, his campaign has received donations from the public, but they seem to just be from "typical citizens" that have given anywhere from $200 to $1,000 dollars. The fight for Kanye West has been uphill as he's been dropped from ballots left and right, and recently it's been reported that he's sued to have his name added to the ballot in West Virginia.