The city of Chicago is mourning the death of DJ Timbuck2, real name Tim Jones, who died of cancer-related causes yesterday (Dec. 20). He was 34 years old. 

At that young age, Timbuck2 was already one of Chicago's most established DJs. He was the host of Go iLL radio on 107.5 WCGI, which aired every Saturday night, and he was responsible for showcasing local artists and helping them break into the mainstream. "He was an innovator and pound for pound (arguably) the best DJ in the city," wrote prominent Chi-Town hip-hop blog FakeShoreDrive. 

Soon after news of his death spread around the city, many of Chicago's biggest hip-hop stars expressed their grief and paid tribute to Tim via social media. 

Here is an unreleased mix from Timbuck2 that was shared shortly after his death.