Kanye West's latest Twitter rant shed some serious light on the behind the scenes drama between him and Drake. The novel started when Kanye tweeted out that he wanted an apology from Drake and said he's been trying to reach him for a while. The tweets seemingly got Drake's attention, but according to Kanye, Drake just called and threatened him. 

It seems as though one of the bigger issues was that Kanye is upset that Drake allegedly sneak dissed him on a track ("Sicko Mode") with his brother in law. “People sold their souls. You gotta a number one record but you got it by letting this dude diss your brother in law," Kanye wrote in a since-deleted tweet, via The Blast

Kanye must have taken it off his feed because he realized he dropped off a major answer to the much talked about question: are Travis and Kylie officially married? The fact that Ye referred to Travis as his "brother in law" surely answers our question especially since we like to think all of his tweets are well thought out...right? 

As we posted earlier, Kanye's leading woman Kim came through and defended her man and put herself right in the middle of the drama. "My husband is the most brilliant person, the most genius person that I know. He has broken so many boundaries, everything from music, stage design, fashion and culture and will continue to change the world."