After what seems like an eternity in internet time (less than 12 hours), Kanye West has responded to Deadmau5  calling him out for what looked a lot like Kanye illegally downloading music production software from The Pirate Bay. While Kanye has not specifically denied the accusations, he has been relentlessly making fun of Deadmau5 on Twitter.

After his original tweet, Deadmau5 added that someone should start Kickstarter to help Kanye West pay for the $200 software, and another music producer Tommy Lee followed through. Kanye didn’t explain what specifically set him off, only that he’s “bored.” He has poked fun at Deadmau5’s failure to push Tidal subscriptions, Deadmau5's commonly mispronounced name ("Dead-mow-five") and keeps referring to his iconic mouse head as “the mickey mouse head.” This is an especially deep dig, as Deadmau5 has been in a back and forth battle with the Disney Corporation over the mouse head’s originality.

Check out the whole saga below, or in the screenshots above in case Kanye decides to delete his tweets.