Last week paparazzi found out what would happen if they talked to Kanye West. Kanye lashed out at one in particular at the LAX airport, and the altercation was caught on tape and widely circulated. Kanye was named a a felony suspect for attempted robbery as a result.

Now we have word that Kanye will not be prosecuted for his attack on the photographer, according to law enforcement sources. TMZ reports that the LAPD are investigating the photographer's claim that Kanye tried to steal his camera, however, sources say that the D.A. will never charge 'Ye with a felony attempted robbery because there's no proof that's what he was trying to do at LAX. Apparently the cops will send the attempted robbery file to the D.A. nonetheless, expecting that they will reject within a few days.

Following this, the file could be sent to the L.A. City Attorney for a possible misdemeanor criminal battery prosecution. However, once more it's unlikely he'll be charged because Kanye is reportedly willing to pay out to make the case go away, which is called a civil compromise. 

We'll keep you updated.