Despite initial fears that Yandhi would come out rushed, Kanye West assuaged doubt by delaying the project, promising to make it worthy of his name. Since then, concrete news surrounding the project has been largely absent, forcing fans to build a narrative through shadowy whispers and haphazard snippets. One thing we do know, however, is that a collaboration between Yeezy, Nicki Minaj, and Ty Dolla $ign has already been recorded. Ye's engineer previously revealed that the track would be called "New Body," and would center around themes of body image and plastic surgery; he also clarified that the song was heavily inspired by Kim Kardashian.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Image

Now, a snippet of the upcoming track has surfaced, which the curious can check out through the backchannels of social media. In the clip, Kanye can be heard taking to a minimalalist synth, borrowing a flow previously heard on Wayne's "Dedicate." "New ass, new tits, new bitch, who this?" raps Ye, "who else, you know, this bad, with two kids? New body, new uh, never get you shit." Ty Dolla chimes in with a layered vocal section, before Nicki slides through. "When they fu*k you they fu*k the old body," she taunts. "When they fu*k Nicki you fu*k Nicole body." 

Though Yeezy's lyrics don't appear to be in peak MBDTF form, let alone "No More Parties In LA," it's nice to see him back on his BS. If you've heard the snippet, do you feel it has potential? Sound off below.