Kanye West returned to his hometown of Chicago, IL for a one-off Sunday Service performance during NBA All-Star Weekend. Throughout this weekend's festivities, Kanye West gave back to the community of Chicago giving away his brand new YEEZY Basketball sneakers for free and getting free promo for the kicks as the MigosQuavo took to the court in the new silhouette during the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. While Ye's sneakers got some free publicity this weekend, the "Back To Life" producer quietly revealed that he was going to perform at the University of Illinois Chicago's Credit Union 1 Arena this Sunday (Feb. 16) via his Twitter account.

Almost instantly, tickets sold out for the one-time, intimate show that featured a gospel rendition of "Can't Tell Me Nothing," "Jesus Walks," and more. Kanye, his choir, and multiple instruments sat atop a hill in the center of the venue, illuminated only by red and blue lighting. The choir surrounded the 21-time Grammy winner as he led the performance periodically stopping to address the crowd about his growth and devotion for God. 

Of course, those in attendance couldn't help but post some clips of Kanye's notorious Sunday performances, allowing the rest of his fanbase to revel in the glory of his one-time Chicago show. With that said, check out some of the clips of Kanye West's NBA All-Star Weekend Sunday Service in the videos provided below.