If you've ever wanted to be in a room surrounded by photographs of Kanye West, you've got your chance. All you'll need to do is book your travel to Switzerland and you'll be well on your way. Kanye West is one of pop culture's greatest phenomenon. Everybody knows of him and most have formed an opinion about the recording artist. Even if you've never heard his music (which is unlikely) there's a large chance that you've witnessed his ramblings on TMZ or Twitter. Since he's so fascinating, one photographer decided to open an exhibit devoted to recent photos of the artist.

A prominent Kanye fan page shared an image of photographer Heji Shin's new exhibition at a Switzerland art gallery, showing different pictures of the rapper from the last few months. Ye can be seen with his red hair, a style he's been sporting for the last couple of weeks. If I'm being completely honest, the exhibit is a little creepy for my taste. I would feel troubled after spending a few minutes in the Kanye room. It just looks like he's staring at you from all angles. 

Yeezy has an entire room curated with his photographs that Swiss citizens and tourists can walk through until February 3, 2019.