It is fair to say Kanye West has given his heart and soul to his Sunday Services. While the rapper may have taken a slight break from the fashion industry, his musical efforts remain active via an array of new and creative ventures. Most recently, it has been reported that the rapper intended to start his own church and so, with the full support of his wifeKim Kardashian. As these are only rumors, for now, recent news indicates Kanye is working on new things.

Gary Gershoff/WireImage/GettyImages

GQ Italia will be featuring Kanye West in its art issue, set to release on Tuesday. The cover and content involving West were captured by the reputable Vanessa Beecroft, an Italian artist, and photographer with ties to Louis Vitton. In addition to Yeey, Beecroft also borrowed a few members of the Sunday Services crew for a few shots. The images are reportedly tied to an interview carried by the creative whiz.

In reference to the cover, Beecroft stated: "[I] thought about Kanye as a symbol of contemporary men, for different reasons. My idea of Kanye is of a poet, in the classic sense. The sacredness of the poet, a man who has superpowers in terms of verbal and musical expression. This man can make mistakes because he is vulnerable. These are the reasons why I choose him to symbolize the men of today."