Azealia Banks has strong political views that are often deemed to be controversial. While she has expressed her discontentment with how Kanye West might have been used as a pawn by political figures including president Donald Trump, the artist seems to have entertained the possibility of his running for office. Today, Banks uploaded images of what the visuals for a 2020 campaign could look like if ever Yeezy decided to present himself as a presidential candidate. 

Her mockup includes posters composed of black and white photographs of West overlayed by slogans printed in red text, including “Making America Stronger,” “Yes We Kanye” and “No More Parties in D.C.”

Kanye West announced that he would be taking a break from political discourse after enduring the consequences of having his name tied to ideologies that opposed his beliefs. However, the rapper might already have an exit strategy to rise from the hiatus. A "2024" tweet appeared to suggest a potential presidential run in the future.

His sister-in-law, Khloe Kardashian, also flaunted a baseball cap that endorsed the idea of his becoming the commander-in-chief of the United States. Meanwhile, his wife is making strides with her efforts toward prison reform. In this context, Azealia Banks might simply be a misunderstood visionary.