This year has been a busy one for Kanye West. The man has always been an enigmatic presence in hip-hop, acting unpredictably and continually shifting the culture. The last few months have been no different for Ye. The artist dropped his own album and released four others for Nas and his G.O.O.D. Music team members. His new 7-song standard is being teased for future collaborations with Chance the Rapper and others and while we wait for official announcements to come through, Kanye has started to tease the possibility of new music coming soon.

As part of his creative directing gig at the PornHub Awards, Yeezy dropped "I Love It" with Lil Pump but that might not be the only track he's been working on. After being spotted a few times with 6ix9ine in the studio, Mr. West uploaded a brief snippet of a new song on his Instagram story, shortly after reinstating his account. The track has Ye going more into his singing vibe, even forcing himself to do a little falsetto action. He also seems to be embracing heavy vocal effects, similar to the ones he's used in collaborations with Francis & The Lights. As quickly as it was uploaded, a fan ripped the story and tweeted it to a fansite devoted to Ye.

Kanye previously noted that he was working on Watch The Throne 2 and given his recent relationship with Jay-Z, it was surprising news. Perhaps this is a cut from the upcoming collab album?