Last week marked the first in a series of evangelized "Sunday Services" hosted by a born-again Kanye West. Despite its suggestive tone, "Sunday Services," as hosted by Kanye West, are pretty much, glorified jam sessions, bongos and all. The musicians assembled for the weekly simulcast have prior experience recording in the G.O.O.D. Music coven.

The first episode saw Kanye West link up with Kid Cudi, Tony Williams, and 070 Shake to perform unstitched versions of "Reborn," "I Wonder," and "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1." 

But in week two things went a little differently, with Kanye West sitting out the first half of action. When he finally joined the musicians on stage mid-swing, it was to premiere a newly-revised version of "Ghost Town," a demo of which already exists by his own admission - at the 36-minute mark.

Then at the 26:30-mark of the video, Kanye West performs a previously unheard song called "We’ll Find a Way," with no vocal parts whatsoever. Kanye simply bops to a pulsating beat as the song trudges along to a glorious clef note. Later on, he sings a Gospel-version of Michael Jackson's "Will You Be There," following a few choice remarks about the forthcoming Leaving Neverland documentary. Check out the new Yandhi recording in the instrumental format it was presented, enjoy!