It's about to be 2008 all over again this weekend. Both Lil Wayne and Kanye West are getting ready to release their forthcoming albums, Tha Carter V and Yandhi, respectively. While fans are excited to hear what Weezy has to offer on his highly anticipated album, Kanye West will be releasing his new album during the season premiere of "Saturday Night Live." 'Ye is set to be the musical guest on Saturday with Adam Driver as the host. Today, NBC shares the official "SNL" promo for this week's episode.

Kanye West and Adam Driver star in the promo clip for "Saturday Night Live's" season premiere alongside Kenan Thompson. Kanye, unsurprisingly, is wearing his MAGA Hat, presumably, the same one that he tried to defend earlier today in The Fader office. In the first promo clip, Adam Driver announces Kanye as the musical guest before Thompson predicts that "I Love It" rapper is "up to something."

"Uh oh, Kanye got that look," Thompson says while Kanye stands their without of an ounce of emotion displayed on his face. "Oh, he definitely going to do something."

In the second clip, Kanye talks a bit more than the first promo, but not by much. Thompson asks Kanye what his Star Wars name would be. Keeping with the theme of being a jedi, Kanye simply says, "Kanye West."

Peep the clip below and keep your eyes peeled for Kanye's appearance on SNL this Saturday.