The Kardashian-West family went all out for Halloween this year. Why wouldn't they? They have the budget to get custom costumes for all four children, as well as mom and pop. Kim kicked off her Halloween by channelling fellow iconic lawyer, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. She even filmed a video recreating a scene from the 2001 film. Following this sexy look came the more tamed family portraits. 

While Halloween used to be restricted to the 31st of October, it seems to have now been extended to a two-week affair. For this reason, the Kardashian-West clan dressed up THREE times. The first theme they took on was The Flinstones. Upon first glance, patriarch, Kanye West, appeared to be missing from the shot of the fam in their Bedrock attire. Ye stepped into a full-body Dino suit that scared his daughter, Chicago, so much that she had to be photoshopped into the picture. 

It seems the children placed a vote on which costumes would be chosen because, for the next two nights, they dressed up as characters from popular kids movies. The famous fam got intricate insect costumes inspired by A Bug's Life. Kanye was once again covered head-to-tie in some shell-like outfit, which, according to Kim's IG caption, was able to move by way of animatronics. The final night of this long Halloween season was reserved for the 2016 animated film, Sing. Kanye was assigned the character of Johnny's dad and hid in the suit of a gigantic, sneering gorilla. Apparently he couldn't even fit in the car when taking the kids trick or treating.

Props to Ye for being a trooper and putting on all those costumes that were likely incredibly hot inside (if it was in fact him in there).