We may never know how Kanye West's mind works, but whatever is going on upstairs has helped make the rap mogul one of the most influential figures in modern history. Kanye West may be called "crazy" by his detractors, but his creativity has set him apart from other artists since the launch of his career. Along the way, Ye has made and lost friends, and his relationship with Drake continues to be a point of discussion for hip hop fans.

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Roy Rochlin / Stringer / Getty Images

Over the years, we've heard about what led to the demise of Drake and Kanye's friendship. Drake sat down with Rap Radar and explained that Kanye's involvement with Pusha T and the revelation of Drake's son, Adonis, was the nail in the coffin. Drizzy stood firm on the fact that he didn't believe his relationship with Ye could be rectified, but Kanye has spoken out about wanting to be friends with Drake once again.

It looks as if Kanye West still has Drake on his mind because he decided to pin a retweet of a young Drizzy to his Twitter page. XXL shared a video of a teenaged Drake rapping along to The Fugees' hit track "Ready or Not," and Kanye decided to repost the clip. He didn't offer up any insight as to why he, personally, wanted to draw attention to the "Laugh Not Cry Later" rapper, but maybe this is his subtle olive branch. Check it out below along with a few fans reactions.