One of the most iconic creatives of all time, Kanye West has been the king of music videos for years. From "Runaway" to "Flashing Lights," the 42-year-old Chicagoan has created timeless pieces of art that will live in our memories forever. In recent years, West's focus has shifted subtly from music production to fashion design and the establishment of his Sunday Service group. Each week, he and his massive choir travel the country to perform the gospel to the world, singing Jesus Is King tracks and rendering new models of existing classics. A favorite from the new album, "Closed On Sunday," appears to be the next single from JIK and West is already planning out his next steps for it. It turns out that, after the debut of his "Follow God" video on his brand new ranch in Wyoming, Ye is ready to premiere his next work of art.

Making the announcement on Twitter, the world-renowned recording artist said that the world premiere for "Closed On Sunday," his infamous Chick-Fil-A banger, would take place on November 28. Unfortunately, we don't have a time yet for when the video will debut. The strategy is pretty clutch though -- especially considering the fact that most people will have the day off for Thanksgiving.

Last weekend, Kanye introduced us all to his first opera Nebuchadnezzar, which was not particularly well-received by critics. Hopefully, "Closed On Sunday" is more of a hit with his audience.