The day has come where Kanye West has joined in on the chorus of laughter over his outfit at 2 Chainz' wedding a few weeks ago. Twitter initially reacted in uproar, labeling the undersized Yeezy slides as "baby pool shoes" no man or woman should wear at a formal event. Needless to say, Kanye did leave room for different modes of interpretation, with pockets of Internet resistance forming to defend his perceived "avant-gardism." Somehow or another, Kanye has decided to engage with the rowdy section of the crowd poking fun at his attire.

Yesterday evening, Yeezy posted a picture of him barely fitting into oversized slippers, with a caption that read: "are the slides big enough?" This is officially Kanye's second response to the widespread mockery, the first saw him explain his wedding day fit as the "Japanese way of wearing" a sandal, with splashes of Western hope.

Although Kanye is clearly using a giant-sized prop in the image, the picture can be viewed differently depending on your optical setup. Cross your eyes for just a second and the image becomes a depiction of a child wearing regular sized Yeezy slides. Close your eyes -- refresh, and you're back at square one.