Kanye West has a specific reason for pushing back his album to Black Friday. The rapper is taking his creative juices to Africa to add some unprecedented flavor to his music. Ye is sharing many interesting details about his creative process and mindset behind the completion of the record.

He describes Yandhi as being a "full Ye album" that includes a lot of "original" themes like "body-shaming" and slut-shaming as well as "sound that you never heard before."

"The alien Ye is like fully back in mode, off of medication. You know, working out, breathing as much fresh air as possible. Thinking, doing, being his self. And when I say 'I'm being myself,' it doesn't mean that I'm being Donald Trump. I'm being me and I'm punk. And I can wear whatever I want 'cause I'm a God."

He then goes on about alternate realities, "chakras," "electrical suits," and the space-time continuum. He quickly returns to the album, explaining how he felt "energy" when he was in Chicago that called him to Africa. He feels the need to travel to the continent to "go and find out what it's really called and grab the soil."

View the full clip of his spiel below.