Kanye West has had some nasty clashes with the paparazzi in the past, but today in LAX he was all smiles, answering most every question an Australian TMZ reporter threw his way. When asked if he would sign with Nike, the company he left in late 2013 in favor of adidas, for $1 billion, he responded, "It's not about the money, man. It's about the respect, the communication," ultimately revealing that no offer would be large enough to woo him back to the swoosh. 

"Adidas is my family," he said while maneuvering through the airport. When the reporter remarked that his current clothing line is too expensive, he went on to reveal that he's planning on lowering the prices for next season's Yeezy collaboration with adidas. 

One billion might have gotten LeBron "not to run away," as 'Ye recently alleged on "FACTS," but not the guy who has "jumped over Jumpman."