In case you didn't know, Kanye West is taking control of the main narrative. He has a deal in place to pen a philosophy book, which has been titled Break the Simulation. Kanye describes the impetus to write as a burning itch to nail down "a concept" because the term "philosophy sounds too heavy-handed." He made the announcement in conversation with interior designer Axel Vervoordt during his interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

This morning, without provocation, Kanye began dispensing mini-aphorisms tied to his manifesto. The twitter rant began with Kanye's insistence that people begin their day without the outside interference of technology. Kanye credits "be still and enjoy your own imagination" as a major factor in his creative process, much explained by his noted absences from social media for months on end.

Kanye then fires off another dozen tweets in rapid succession, continuing in the spirit of his creative process. One of his major speaking points is the fallacy of creating competition. Although a lot of people derive motivation from having a benchmark to contend with, Kanye believes the process of creating "enemies" has the effect of stifling creativity, as "you" are better served looking within for inspiration. Check out a few of his notable submission, the Twitter rant is still active for those interested in tuning in.