Kanye West has done his demanding public the service of letting them in on the secret gag of his listening party for Ye. The event, exclusive to guests on a highly personal list, took place at the Diamond Cross Ranch in Wyoming, where he privately plotted the entire G.O.O.D Music rollout with Mike Dean and infrequent guests. As of this writing, you can watch the proceedings, or rather a recap narrated by designer/deejay Kerwin Frost of the New York art collective Spaghetti Boys. Keep in mind, Frost does everything in his power to disrupt the general equilibrium of the event. 

Frost and his cohorts Austin Butts and Ray Martinez used the convivial spirit of the great outdoors to their advantage, as they deceived A-list guests into thinking theey had their best interests in mind, not once but twice in a scheme to procure drugs off Lil Yachty and blogger Adam22. They continued their facade, brushing close to 2 Chainz, invading his bubble, drinking a bottle of clear liquor with a rancher picked off the lot, all the while playing into their role as "uninvited guest" (clearly not the case).

At the 6:45 mark the camera clearly denotes Kanye, Pusha, Desiigner, Yachty all mobbing to his music, in a "sacred fire circle." See for youself, the 13 minute gag-reel is interspliced with real sentiment if you cut through the wisecracks.