To the dad mobile! According to TMZ, Kanye West dished out a pretty hefty stack of cash for the new vehicle he's been seen whipping around Los Angeles in lately. Instead of sticking to his usual Lamborghinis, this time around, the father of four opted for a minivan – but that doesn't mean that it's any less luxurious than any of the other cars in his collection.

The 1-of-1 custom luxury Mercedes-Benz van is said to have a $400,000 price tag and was sold to the "Heaven and Hell" rapper by RD Whittington, who owns Wires Only in both L.A. and Miami

MEGA/Getty Images

Ye's vehicle is called the Executive Style, which "seats seven and features multiple screens, fully reclining and swivelling chairs... as well as a sound system to rival a recording studio."

Photos obtained by TMZ prove that the Atlanta-born star's new van is definitely worth the price tag, boasting quilted leather seats, individual table trays at each seat, and curtains, among other luxuries.

For those of you who love living vicariously through videos of other people's vehicles, you'll be happy to know that RD will be showing more of his expensive rides off on Million Dollar Wheels, a series produced by Jamie Foxx that's set to premiere on Disney+ next month on February 23rd.

The outlet reportedly saw the Yeezy founder grabbing some ice cream in the city on Thursday, and caught a sweet interaction with a fan who made The Life of Pablo hitmaker grin after calling him an "awesome dad."

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