Yeezy season has arrived, however, it seems like every time Kanye West is gearing up to release new music, he drags some sort of controversy along with him. Earlier today, reports surfaced that his immediate team has been concerned for his mental health due to his erratic behavior. While they point at an outburst during a studio session as an indication, his recent interactions with Hot 97's Ebro seem to be some sort of confirmation. However, it seems like the accumulation of all of this may have led to a pivotal force in his team to throw in the towel.

Kanye West has broken off Scooter Braun and a majority of his management team, TMZ reports. The "Famous" rapper's is said to have been behaving erratically as of late. According to the report, Kanye gave Scooter an ultimatum: either work with him full-time or not at all. The people who have reportedly left his side are his lawyers as well. Despite the fact that Scooter won't be managing Kanye's music career, they say that they left things on good terms. Scooter obviously has several major projects under his belt and working for Kanye full-time didn't seem feasible. Kanye plans on handling everything pertaining to his music career "in-house."

The news of his split from Scooter comes only a few months after he and his long-time manager Izzy Zivkovic parted ways and Scooter Braun stepped up for the position. 

Several sources who've interacted with Kanye have said that "he's hitting the guardrails." The people on his team have said that his recent behavior isn't similar to the meltdown he had in 2016 that led to his hospitalization.