Over the course of the past 24 hours, DJ Khaled has been dropping a barrage of bombshells. After surprising fans with the official release date of his long-awaited 12th studio album Khaled Khaled, the veteran record producer hit Instagram earlier today to also share behind-the-scenes footage and pictures of Kanye West listening to the forthcoming album during a recent visit to his at-home studio. 

Even DJ Khaled couldn't contain his excitement, and while posting content from the unexpected meet-up, he wrote, "KANYE STOPPED BY MY HOUSE AT 8 AM THE OTHER DAY! I DIDNT KNOW HE WAS COMING! HE HAD @chefmelissazuniga make him SOME EGGS WITH KETCHUP AND VEGAN BACON...And we listened to #KHALEDKHALED. You know when you get this expression that it’s sounding AMAZING!"

Needless to say, Kanye's expression will most definitely get fans even more excited for Khaled Khaled, but apparently, there's more to DJ Khaled's rare pictures than fans originally thought. Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Kanye is still wearing his wedding band, despite Kim Kardashian filing for divorce from the esteemed rapper two months ago.

After six years of marriage, one can't fault Kanye West for still holding out hope that his and Kim's relationship will work itself out, even as royals, athletes, and billionaires are reportedly shooting their shots at the popular Kardashian sister. According to PageSix, West has reportedly set his sights on dating an “artist and a creative person” so that they “can speak the same language to each other,” but these new pictures from DJ Khaled may suggest otherwise.

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