According to TMZ, Kanye West has filed the necessary paperwork to get a film production company up and running. Half Beast, LLC is the name of the venture, separate from his other monetary and creative streams, if everything goes according to plan. Kanye West has already become a maverick force in countless other fields. This wouldn't count as the first juncture in which Kanye filed paperwork for the Half Beast trademark, except nothing came of it in the past when it was conceived for entertainment services, books, and other movies.

Kanye's Half Beast would certainly allow him more freedom to operate within the entertainment industry. It's no secret that filmmakers and creative types have let go of this idea that filmmaking and democratization can be fixed together. Take for example, Kanye's video direction on "I Love It," overseen by the short form auteur of this century, Spike Jonze.

From a teacher-student perspective, it's hard not to fault rappers from taking over their videography after several go-betweens. Thus is born an itch to make films, which in itself is only a stepping stone, if you're a broad thinker like Kanye West. Not every one of his ventures is going to pop, but hopefully, the right personnel gets cast in a position where they can succeed, and I gather Kanye will reap the benefits too.