Kanye West has a love-hate relationship with awards shows. On the one hand, he loves being honored as one of the greatest artists of his time, inviting praise from all corners. On the other, he has previously spoken distastefully about the GRAMMY Awards and other ceremonies, even going so far as to urinate on his GRAMMY a couple of weeks ago

Last night was a big night for Kanye, who took home a good portion of the gospel awards at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards for his album Jesus Is King. He's ecstatic about his win, recording a new video for social media, but he also couldn't keep himself from throwing a little shade.

"Thank God for the favor the increase and these YEEZY SLIIIIIIIDZZZZ," wrote Kanye on Twitter this morning. "Thank Billboard awards for the 9 nominations and 4 wins. Invite me next time and I’ll pull up."

West is suggesting that his invitation may have been lost in the mail, which clearly left a bad taste in his mouth, but he ended up winning so, he can't be too peeved.

In the video, he says that "God keeps showing up" for him and that he wants to thank all the Christians that have been praying for him.

Maybe this will push him to actually release some new music, you know, as he said he would a few months ago.

Congrats to Kanye.