Kanye West has been all over the news the past 24 hours after he made another stop by the TMZ offices Monday afternoon and spoke on a number of things, including going down to Africa to record Yandhi, dropping it on Black Friday, trying to get Trump & Kapaernick to sit down together, and more. In addition to that however, Ye also revealed his thoughts on King James heading out West to join the Lakers, which Mr. West isn’t a fan of.

While talking with Harvey about “healing” the cities and helping rebuild communities, Kanye revealed that he had a meeting with Dan Gilbert, Cleveland Cavaliers owner, tomorrow about “healing” a city, as he is doing in Cleveland and Detroit. And it was then, when Kanye quickly changed the subject and thew it in, “just to make it Ye,” and say he didn't think LeBron should’ve left Cleveland.

“I'mma just, it's not my place ... but just to make it Ye -- I feel like LeBron really needs to be in Cleveland. It aint my place, Im sorry Mav & Lebron for saying, I know Im speaking out of place, but I feel like LeBron needs to be in Cleveland. Ye needs to be in Chicago. Big U needs to be in Crenshaw,” Kanye West said to Harvey.

However what Kanye probably doesn't know that despite LeBron going to L.A. he’s still doing mad work for his home town of Akron and the state of Ohio. He just opened up the iPromise school last month for at-risk students and dropped millions into other charitable foundations.

Check out Kanye’s thoughts on LeBron’s move out of Cleveland (below).