Kanye West has always possessed a collaborative spirit. His early albums like College Dropout and Late Registration had guest appearances in abundance, while later albums opened up the songwriting process to a variety of capable pens. It's no surprise that Yeezy has kept his ear to the streets, staying abrest of the latest voices on deck, including some of the most prominent young rappers currently blazing their trail. Yesterday, Ye followed up his eventful stop at 107.5 WGCI Morning Show with another at Power 92, where he proceeded to chop it up with longtime homie DJ Pharris. 

Eventually, the floor opened up to some fan questions, prompting Ye to rattle off some of his favourite young artists. "Quavo's my brother, I love Quavo," says Kanye. "I love Travis, that's my brother. I love Drake like anybody that's from Chicago. I love Valee." After racking his brain for a minute, Yeezy continues, saying "I love Pump, I love 6ix9ine (the host's eyes widen comedically upon this revelation), I love love love Triple X."

Pharris can't get over the 6ix9ine love, and presses Kanye on that front, citing the seemingly never-ending controversy. "Man don’t talk to me about controversy, it’s ‘Ye," grins Kanye, elaborating on his position. "We all the same," says Kanye. Pharris references 6ix9ine's tendencies to beef with genuine gang bangers, which Kanye doesn't seem to mind. "So what, this make him a worse person than someone else?" says Yeezy. "He worse than one of our cousins that's like, locked up? That's our family. He our family, we all family." 

He closes it out by imploring people stop choosing sides. "If I say I love Drake, that don't mean I don't love Pusha," he says. "Stop all the god damn sides!" 

Peep the video now, via HHNM.