Not that Kanye West really needs the money, but the rapper reportedly turned down an offer from a Las Vegas casino which would have made him the highest-paid act in Vegas, topping Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dione and Britney Spears. Honestly though, we can't really see Yeezus being the Las Vegas-performing-type, can you? 

TMZ reports that in a written formal offer, Axis at Planet Hollywood offered Kanye West a steep $500,000 per show, which would total $4.5 million for just nine days of performing. In the offer, Axis says Kanye would perform three shows a week for a total of three weeks.

For comparison's sake, Britney currently rakes in $475k a show, J. Lo comes in at $375k per show, and Celine Dion is the highest-paid act in Las Vegas with $495k per show.