For close to two years now, Kanye West has been performing special Sunday Service sermons. These are massive productions that feature a choir and some flips of some of his biggest songs. These performances are fairly on brand for Kanye these days as he has made a complete shift to making religious-based music. Of course, this has polarized some of his fans although there is no denying that people are always curious about what he may have to say.

In his most recent Sunday Service, Kanye flew out to Atlanta where he was joined by Joel Osteen, as well as Kim Kardashian. West and his colleagues decided to make their way down to a lake close to Pinewood Studios, where they all walked on water. Infamously, it is believed that Jesus walked on water and that's why Kanye and crew pulled this stunt.

It should go without saying that walking on water is impossible and that they simply chose a very shallow part of the water. Based on the way they are walking, this seems like it is more of a large puddle than a real lake. Regardless, it certainly makes for an interesting video.

With this stunt behind him, it will be interesting to see what Kanye tries to pull off next.