Kanye West has never been shy to voice his thoughts on social media, often in spontaneous barrages chock-full of quotables. Most recently, Ye has been using his platform to besiege the music industry, raising awareness toward the problematic nature of recording contracts. Namely, the transferring of ownership that often arises upon signing the dotted line.

Kanye West

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Following the reveal of his own multi-album recording contract, Kanye attempted to offer an alternative, sharing a conceptual "7 Point Guideline" designed to help artists maximize the value of their material. While admittedly favorable toward the artist, many pointed out that following such guidelines would ultimately prove too disadvantageous for the record labels. Still, given the staggering popularity of Kanye West, it stands to reason that were he technically a free agent, the independent route might not be such a bad pursuit. 

It would appear that Kanye has been musing on the prospect himself. Today, Ye took to Twitter to share his desire to connect with two of hip-hop's biggest moguls, Birdman of Cash Money Records and Master P of No Limit Records. "Been trying to connect with Master P and Baby I’ve always felt they understood how to be independent," he writes, signaling his intent to sit down and learn a few lessons from a pair of experienced label heads. 

At this moment, neither Master P nor Baby have responded to his reach-out. Nor has Kanye elaborated what he wishes to gain from meeting his fellow pioneers. In any case, expect Kanye's efforts to continue and his updates to be posted as they occur.