Kanye West has once again managed to captivate the world. First, the legendary artist announced his triumphant return to the game with a string of album announcements, including a solo album, a Kid Cudi collaboration by the name of Kids See Ghost, Pusha T's King Push, Teyana Taylor's project, and a long-awaited Nas album. In that regard, his comeback has been well-received by all interested parties. Yet the ensuing bout of publicity has raised many an eyebrow, particularly to those perturbed by any-and-all things remotely right wing. After endorsing conservative figure Candace Owens, Kanye has been put to the coals over his perceived political leanings.

Kanye previously alluded to a potential political campaign for 2020, which conjured images of a bizarre timeline in which the presidential run pitted Kanye West against Donald Trump; imagine the debates. Yesterday night, Kanye proceeded to reignite the narrative with a cryptic tweet, simply reading "2024." Naturally, many immediately assumed he was once again pointing to his return to his Kanyeleeza Rice alter ego. Yet the fact that he alluded to a 2024 run seems to suggest that Kanye would be running as a Republican, not a Democrat like many might have assumed. Is it safe to say that Kanye has solidified himself as one of hip-hop's first open Republicans?

In all fairness, it's highly likely that Mr. West is merely trolling. But if he isn't, imagine the comedic gold that a Kanye West presidential campaign would bring, provided you enjoy a healthy dose of gallows humor.